1793 Liberty Cap Large Cent

The 1793 Liberty Cap Large Cent is the first year of issue for this denomination, and the first year of issue for the third type struck during this year. The total mintage is just 11,056 pieces from a single delivery made in September 1793, less than a week after the coin’s designer Joseph Wright had died from yellow fever. This low mintage makes it the rarest of the three different 1793 designs for the cent, although demand is not as high since later dates of the series fulfill the need from type set collectors.

Nonetheless, this issue remains very popular and examples can be difficult to find in all grades. It also represents a different subtype compared to later issues due to the raised beaded borders only found on this issue compared to dentils used on all later issues. This fact, however, goes largely unnoticed except by specialists of the series.

Virtually all surviving examples of the 1793 Liberty Cap Cent are circulated, with uncirculated specimens being of the greatest rarity.